Peace Sign Dream Catcher

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Meet the Hipster - This Peace Sign Dream Catcher is a Unique Modern Dream Catcher, Handmade With Drift Wood. Within This Wall Hanging is a Peace Sign Made From Two Pieces of Drift Wood!

This Dream Catcher is Perfect for a Simple Modern Boho Touch for any Room in Any Home ! Her Subtle Natural Look Modernizes the Bohemian Vibe. This Simple, Yet Elegant Dream Catcher Is Perfect For the Modern Bohemian.

Her 6 Inch Golden Metal Hoop is Hand Wrapped with Beige Yarn. A Peace Sign Sits in the Middle of the Hoop And Grabs Everyone's Attention. This Whimsical Beautiful Wall Hanging Is a Lovely Piece of Wall Art Sure to Elevate Bohemian Decor In Any Home.

What Really Makes This Beautiful Dream Catcher Stand Out is the Unique Drift Wood Peace Sign Sure to Bring a Smile & Joy to Those Who See Her. Her Long White Tail Hangs Freely in the Wind.

The Hipster Dream Catcher is the Perfect Wall Hanging for all Home Decor or Even as Bohemian Wedding Decor. She Makes the Sweetest Whimsical Wall Hanging in any Baby Room, or ANY Room in ANY Home or Office!

Available in 6 inch or 12 inch Design!
With Tail - Height Varies