The Zorro Bohemian Dream Catcher

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The Zorro - "Spanish for Fox" - is a large bohemian wall hanging with the name rooting from the burnt orange fox colored yarn tail! This dreamcatcher is made with a 14 " metal golden hoop and is hand wrapped with beautiful reddish-orange yarn and brown twine.

This dreamcatcher has an abstract geometric web that was handwoven - forming a multi-pointed star in the middle!

Three strands of twine in the dreamcatcher tail hold multiple wooden beads, which hang freely in its long yarn tail! The perfect bohemian accent and piece of handmade home decor to add to any room in the home!

All creations are handmade by Bohogomo Inc. and are unique in their designs. Not all creations look exactly the same as we work to create an organic feel with our handmade wall hangings.