How To Brew Your Own Iced Coffee at Home That Will Save You Money On Your Coffee Habits!

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How To Brew Your Own Iced Coffee at Home That Will Save You Money On Your Coffee Habits!

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Do you know how much money you spend going out to get your coffee fix everyday? We know, it's probably a lot. We won't make you say it, it's probably more than you would like to admit! 
One day we decided to check our bank records to see how much money was really going towards these large corporations. It was like we were being held hostage to their ever so appealing coffee beverages. Together we spent over $75 in two weeks on Starbucks... disturbing we know. It's not so much the actual coffee that we were drinking that kept us coming, however it is really tasty. It was the act of going to the coffee shop to get that cup of coffee every morning before heading to work is what became our guilty pleasure and addiction. Every morning we would leave our apartment a few minutes early in the morning and meet each other at our local Starbucks. It became such a routine that the baristas there knew us by name, and knew what we were going to order before we had a chance to tell them! If one of us went in one day with out the other, they would ask, "Where's the other one?"
Although it was a nice treat before our daily commute to our jobs, we realized the money we were using to help our habit and promote this large corporation could have easily been money going into our small business.
So we asked ourselves - what are we doing? How can we spend less on coffee? So we decided to brew our own iced coffee and come up with our own perfect recipe. One that tastes just as good, if not a hell of a lot better & stopped us from drinking away our cash!
For this recipe feel free to purchase any type of coffee beans you like, any brand of coffee concentrate, or type of milk you like. 


This recipe only requires four ingredients, a coffee maker, cool coffee mugs, a glass pitcher and of course a little love:

  1. Almond Breeze: Almond Coconut Blend

  2. Trader Joe's (R) Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

  3. Trader Joe's (R) Organic Sumatra Coffee

  4. Filtered Water

The Process:

Step 1: Use 2 cups of water per 3 scoops of ground coffee. This will make sure your brew is strong when you add ice (also you can make coffee ice cubes or add extra scoops if you like it stronger).

Step 2: Let coffee brew cool to room temperature, then pour coffee into a glass container and put it in the fridge for 2-3 hours or until cool - we leave ours overnight for the morning.

Step 3: Time to make your iced coffee! Pour a little more than half a cup (not the measurement, just your coffee cup) of your brewed coffee, add 2-3 tablespoons of the coffee concentrate, add a couple cubes of ice, some cold water and top your cup off with some almond coconut milk.

Step 4: Sip and Enjoy!

As a disclosure, we are big fans of Starbucks and Matt even worked there, we just can't afford the expense.

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